Posted on: May 19, 2011 2:47 pm

Where do the boys go from here?

Since the draft has come and gone and Cowboys did very little to improve what was one of the worst passing defenses in the league and the worst in team history and the lockout still going strong where do they go from here? After giving up almost 250 yards a game and 33 TD's and an opposing QB completion rate of 64% through the air its obvious what opposing teams game plans were and will be playing Dallas. Anyone who is a Cowboy fan knows how frustrating it was to watch our secondary get torched game after game. Some of it can be blamed on less than steller linebackers in coverage as well as a lack of overall pressure up front but most of it should be blamed on a secondary that always seemed one step behind or just plain confused. A year ago they had two pro bowl corners in Mike Jenkins and Terrance Newman. Last year these same players looked less than pro bowl like. They have inexperienced safeties and havent really filled that void since Darren Woodson retired and Roy Williams got hurt and then traded. Most cowboys fans believed with the addition of Rob Ryan as D-coordinator the cowboys would definatly use the draft to address these issues. They didn't. But all hope is not lost. They can still hit the free agant market when the lockout ends and get some solid guys in there to fill the holes. 2 guys they should really pursue are Nnamdi Asomugha and Micheal Huff both free agents with the Raiders. Asomugha is one of the elite corners in the league and could really make a huge contribution opposite of Newman while they both school Mike Jenkins. He is also only 29 years old and playing at the top of his game right now. Im sure it will not be easy to land him considering his talent and high profile but Jerry Jones should offer him the kitchen sink to come to dallas. Micheal Huff would be a great addition at safety and is just starting to come into his own and is also in his late twenties so he can be a major player for years to come. Huff played his college ball at Texas and is also a Texas native so maybe it will be a little easier to entice him to come to Dallas. No matter what the Cowboys do they will have to get better in the secondary to make a move in the NFC east as well as make a legit move to another super bowl. There is good news though, after a 5-11 season they can't get much worse. Only time will tell if Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan can turn this team back into the Dallas Cowboys true fans love and everybody else loves to hate. LETS GO COWBOYS
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Posted on: April 14, 2011 10:53 am

Peterson to the Cowboys?

Being a die hard cowboy fan and wanting to shoot myself watching our dismal defense all last year I think traded up a few spots to grab Patrick Peterson is a no brainer! Picking anyone in the draft is a gamble because u just never know if there collegiate success and talent will transfer into the pro ranks. But after the impressive combine numbers and obvious game skills he posses he could be the safest bet at corner in many years. After giving up 240 yards though the air last year and having an aging terrance newman, and dissapointing Mike jenkins the boys really need that possible shut down corner that most competitive teams have. If the hype surrounding peterson is true and he does turn into a Revis or Woodson type corner it will be worth whatever late round or future pick they would have to give up for him. There are other holes in that secondary as well as the line, but I know u can't win with your secondary getting torched over and over again. After they take care of the corner position they can use there second pick to fill the void at safety and it looks like Raheem Moore would still be there in the second round. Theres always the route of free agency as well for the safety position where Raider's safety micheal huff who is a former long horn and texas native is available as well as daniel manning from the bears. Until the lockout ends this is all opinion and speculation but its fun act like a GM and give u my opinion.
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